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Jernej Pavlic
08 September 2015

Rags Vadali, the former product manager of Google's YouTube, responsible for monetisation, has joined the 4th Office team as he believes the service has the potential to change the way people communicate with each other. Before joining 4th Office Mr.

Gemma Huckle
28 July 2015

Every office is full of eclectic people, but when it comes to email some people have picked up some bad habits that really get under our skin... 


1. The sales dude who loves to read aloud the latest spam email he’s received.

Gemma Huckle
13 July 2015

No matter where you are, there’s always work to do and deadlines to meet.

Bostjan Bregar
01 July 2015

In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out new and improved features that will help simplify and organise your communications.

Gemma Huckle
03 June 2015

Today’s workplace is very different compared to just 10 years ago. Not only has it evolved in design – offices are much more open planned and many of us now work in collaborative spaces – but we’re using more contemporary tools like cloud computing and instant messaging instead of email.

Gemma Huckle
21 May 2015

What’s the perfect place to work? Is it for a company that gives everyone an annual salary rise? A place where nobody ever gets fired? Or is it a company that gives you unlimited holiday and parties every month?


Gemma Huckle
07 May 2015

It’s coming up to one year since the flexible working legislation came into force, but as it gathers pace and more people become aware of the right to request flexible working contracts, make sure you’re not complacent as an employer.

Gemma Huckle
21 April 2015

Email culture has been dominating the workplace for the last 40 years – with millions becoming slaves to their inbox without fully realising the damage it’s doing to their working and personal lives.

Gemma Huckle
12 March 2015

Small businesses are having a tough time covering expensive overhead costs associated with running an office. But what about operating without an office?

Bostjan Bregar
18 February 2015

I take an Uber cab most days to get about when I’m in London, and I can safely say I’m an avid fan. After taking so many journeys and talking to so many cabbies, it struck me how many of the Uber drivers were telling me the same story.