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  • "The mobile revolution is well and truly here... It's high time businesses caught up"

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  • @TechCityUK: Want to try a new way of working + leave email behind? Begin working in the @4th_office today

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    There may be lots of reasons why remote working makes sense for you. Here’s seven ways to convince your boss to let you work remotely

  • Having an office could cost your #business more than money says @bbregar

We are curious, transparent, agile. We know that what was brilliant yesterday won't be good enough for tomorrow. Having the 4th Office means that, as a team, we can work together and keep those promises.

Mike Weston
CEO, Profusion

We were immediately impressed with the 4th Office’s ability to allow us to build collaborative teams based on the customer and give them access to the relevant information and documents.

Chris Jones
Operations Director, Nymad

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