How it works

Scroll down and swipe across to take a quick look around the 4th Office. 
You’ll see it’s more than a tool, it’s a great new way to work – freeing workers around the world from endless emails, document chaos, commuting pain and inflexible working.

Feed your productivity, not your inbox.

At the heart of the 4th Office is your feed, with workpads like the one shown here. It’s where you work and share ideas, files, tasks or projects with the groups you choose.

Work on any files, with any users and any guests.
Simply add documents and share them right there. Unlimited guest users means clients, freelancers and partners can access everything they need. Ideas work best when they’re shared!

Edit, version, tag, store, share: it’s all there.
You can edit documents, view previous versions, tag, comment, share or upload new versions. Plus with unlimited cloud storage space you can keep everything you need in your 4th Office and access it anywhere.

Teamwork - supersized

You can invite clients, partners, or anyone you want into your 4th Office, easily tailor their access, and it costs you nothing.

Watch your community and business grow

The 4th Office is all about communities. Just add colleagues as members to get your community started, plus unlimited free guests – with the ability to tailor access built right in.

Making projects fun, and fun projects happen
In your community you’re able to easily create projects or working groups. Just add members and guests, and then allocate tasks, share discussions and documents to get going – whether it’s organising the next team night out or a major project with dozens of freelancers.

Your office in a pocket (or handbag!)
Your team, customers, partners and suppliers can access your 4th Office easily from anywhere. With iOS Apps, universal web availability and the ability to email into or out of the 4th Office, you can get things done on the move, in Starbucks or wherever suits you and them.

My World - organised

Your desk: fewer emails. Less noise. Your apps integrated. More getting-stuff-done satisfaction. Our mission is to revolutionise productivity. To break down barriers to collaboration and growth, and to spread a little happiness!

Escape the curse of everything-via-email
In the 4th Office, you start your day at your desk – which is organised into your neater-than-ever inbox, your feed where you get stuff done, tasks so you know which stuff to focus on and all the documents you need. All in one place, accessible from anywhere.

Cross ‘looking for a decent task app’ off the list. It’s here.
Creating and setting tasks is super simple – you can set clear due dates, with automatic reminders all organised in the stages or categories you choose. Tasking becomes less of a… task. 

Plug your world in.
You can plug in your favourite apps like Evernote and Dropbox – right into your feed. A host of apps integrate automatically, and in our Enterprise plan you can connect business software such as CRM systems.

It's easy to get started with 4th Office