Can you feel the change?

Everything about the traditional office – from 9 to 5 working, to being chained to a desk all day – is being placed under the spotlight.  Building something great today requires a blend of the best human creativity with outstanding technology to inspire new ways of working. In the creative economy it’s all about being ultra-nimble and ultra-competitive.

Whether businesses have proactively embraced it or not, there is an undeniable shift towards flexible and remote working. The challenge now is to maintain a strong culture, keep knowledge sharing paramount and help leaders stay connected and in tune with their teams.

Flexible working is about making better usage of my personal time, and mobility means I can get more work done.

Chris Wilson
MD, Earnest

Apps unleashed

There’s an explosion of apps already occurring in the workplace. Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote – employees are not waiting for permission to save and share vital information about projects, customers and your business – they’re just doing it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and it’s all completely out of your control.

Businesses are having to be more agile than ever – from the way they grow their teams, to how they deal with the bundles of information and data converging from email, social, and other business apps.

This is today’s reality, and legacy tools like email and document folders simply don’t cut the mustard anymore.

On a personal level, I hate email as it turns you into a responsive person rather than a productive person - there’s something really wrong with that system.

Dave Erasmus
Founder, Givey

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